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Get Involved

Why get involved with the Greenstreams Project?

  • Greenstreams is based in and around the Huddersfield area and directly benefits local communities.
  • Greenstreams is about improving the local environment and making a visible difference on the ground.
  • Greenstreams is about bringing together local communities and businesses to work together for mutual benefit.
  • Greenstreams offers opportunities to deliver corporate social responsibility for the whole business community. 

What our supporters say:

"The Greenstreams project celebrates the beauty of our riverside with its diverse habitats, stunning visual backdrop and exciting recreational possibilities...and fresh air. Greenstreams brings together people and projects to promote the riverside. The river may be closer than you think and we want you, your family and friends to take a trip along the riverbank and take pleasure and pride from the experience.Volunteers and businesses are to be congratulated for their unselfish contribution of brawn, brains and money to get this project off the ground. It's surprising what a difference a small contribution can make.So don't be shy; contact the project today and get the feel-good factor for your business with Greenstreams."

Philip Morris, Retired Director of local business Safety Management and Monitoring Services.

Get Involved and improve your community.