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Aims and Objectives

Our Aim

Promote and develop the River Colne and surrounding areas as a recreational, cultural and environmental resource for the community; establish a new nature park along the valleys of the Colne, Holme and Calder. 

Our Objectives

  1. Create a continuous access route or alternative connecting routes alongside the river to facilitate recreational use.

  2. Improve river habitats for wildlife; in particular the restoration of fish passage for migratory species like trout and salmon.

  3. Improve the quality of the riverside environment by reducing litter and anti-social behaviour through targeted work programmes and site adoptions.

  4. Raise public and corporate awareness of the economic, cultural and environmental value of the river and the work of Greenstreams to encourage further investment in the Project.

  5. Use the Greenstreams Project as a model for bringing together environmental, social and business interests.